Our Insulation Services in Augusta, Maine

Proper Insulation is vital for those living within Maine as the winters in New England can be extremely frigid. Augusta residents who do not have insulation properly installed by a professional like those from Anderson Insulation of Maine, run the risk of letting money slip through their fingers as easily as the winter winds will slip through their walls. Whether it be the dry summer air or frigid winter winds, each season has something unique to offer relating to why you should make sure your Augusta home is properly insulated.

About Augusta, ME

Looking for a city with the feel of a small town? Look no further than Augusta, Maine. From progressive and safe neighborhood schools to affordable housing that suits every taste, the Augusta community offers it all. The five residential areas of Augusta are distinct in their own ways, crossing all boundaries such as modern housing developments, rural living, traditional in-town neighborhoods, lakeside homes, and first-class retirement opportunities. These five areas are:

Northeastern Augusta – Spotted with several tree-lined ponds, these rolling farmlands are ideal for the rural, single family home. This area provides convenient in-town options as it extends to reach the northern end of the downtown core.

Southeastern Augusta – Home to a major regional medical center and its associated functions as well as established in-town neighborhoods. The pristine rural landscape that dominates the eastern side of the city is included in the Southeastern Augusta extension.

The Capitol Area –. With access to many consumer services, this part of town is home to fantastic in-town neighborhoods and numerous multi-family units surrounding the scenic, historic center of Maine’s state government.

The West Side – Elegant single family homes and multi-family options with easy access to Augusta’s downtown and major transportation corridors make up Augusta’s most historic and beautiful in-town neighborhood .

Northwestern Augusta – That prat of town starts with what is known as the “Sand Hill” neighborhood, an area that features single and multi-family options, and extends westward towards Augusta’s largest growing commercial district bordered by rural farmlands.

Surviving the Weather in Augusta

New insulation that is properly installed can keep you and your loved ones comfortable throughout the entire year. Here at Anderson Insulation of Maine we offer many different kinds of insulation including the following:

Cellulose Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation

We are proud to staff expert installers who possess extensive knowledge regarding the highest quality products and how to handle them with care. Our top priority is making sure the client is happy with the end product and our craftsmanship makes us a leader in the community. If you are interested in our services, including spray foam, cellulose, and fiberglass insulation installation, contact us today or give us a call at 781-857-1000 for more information.


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