Lewiston Maine Insulation Installation Contractors

Anderson Insulation is happy to provide the community of Lewiston Maine with their insulation services. Maine, more than most states in the country get hit with an unbelievable wide variety of weather. From brutally cold winters to hot summers, the need for homes to have proper insulation is at an all-time high. At Anderson Insulation of Maine, our family owned and operated company gets homeowners with the services that they deserve.

Lewiston being actually the second most populous town in Maine is one with a wide range of homes. Throughout our time working in Lewiston we have been able to learn and perfect any insulation process that is possible. No matter what house you have, we have a insulation solution for you!

Insulation Options: 

Spray Foam   |    Fiberglass    |    Cellulose

Our local team of insulation experts will walk you through what insulation material is best for you. Each has its different benefits so whether you already know that you want fiberglass or don’t know one thing about insulation, we can help you out.


Fiberglass Insulation:

  • The most common insulation that you see in home today is one that Anderson specializes in.

Spray Foam Insulation:

  • A little more expensive insulation option is one that is worth the price. Having the most extensive spray foam fleet in the North East, we will get you home where it needs to be.


  • This lightweight insulation option is one that is great for homeowners that don’t want any major renovations

Get your home where it needs to be and stop paying for that steep heating bill every month. For further information give our owner a call and he’ll answer all your questions.



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