Insulation Contractors in Yarmouth, ME

Our team at Anderson Insulation of ME provides cellulose, fiberglass, and spray foam insulation installation to Yarmouth, ME residents and beyond. Having a properly insulated home can significantly improve your comfort throughout the year. Contact us to learn more about our Yarmouth, ME insulation services!

Spray Foam Insulation in Yarmouth, ME

Anderson Insulation of Maine proudly provides spray foam insulation services to Yarmouth, ME, residents – both commercial and residential. We’re leaders in the spray foam industry in Maine with thousands of successful installations. Spray foam is an excellent insulator and expands after installation, so the coverage increases gradually. Anderson Insulation of ME works with icynene spray foam, which is the best for keeping homes comfortable. We offer closed and open cell options, making it an excellent choice for homes with little insulation. Our installers decide which would be best for each homeowner and will work with you to implement a plan. Contact our Anderson Insulation of Maine team to learn more about our options in Yarmouth, ME.

Cellulose Insulation in Yarmouth, ME

Cellulose insulation is one of our favorite materials for homeowners with older homes looking to reduce energy costs. If you want to upgrade but don’t want to deal with extreme renovations, cellulose is your option! Made from recycled newspaper, cellulose is incredibly fire-resistant and offers pest and moisture control. It’s most commonly used in older homes without proper insulation because it can be installed indoors or outdoors. Contact us in Yarmouth, ME, if you think cellulose is the right option!

Fiberglass Insulation in Yarmouth, ME

Fiberglass insulation is not only the most common insulation material, but it is one of the most reliable options to make homes more comfortable and keep energy costs down. Fiberglass has been used for sound reduction and moisture damage prevention for decades. Anderson Insulation of Maine uses Owen’s Corning fiberglass insulation in our clients’ homes. It’s the most trusted name in fiberglass and is engineered to maintain a home’s comfort through Maine’s climate. 

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If you are beginning to build your home or need more preparation for the winter climate, we can help you! Anderson Insulation of ME proudly provides our fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam insulation services to homeowners in Yarmouth, ME. Contact our team today to learn more!

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