Insulation Contractors in Rochester, NH

New Hampshire has chilly winters and humid summers, making it more important than ever to have up-to-date insulation for your home. Insulation helps make homes comfortable in all weather conditions. At Anderson Insulation of Maine, we offer spray foam, fiberglass, and cellulose insulation—all with unique properties to fit any situation. Our team at Anderson Insulation of Maine has worked throughout New Hampshire & Maine over the past 70 years, and we’re proud of our reputation of being quality insulation contractors.

Rochester, NH Insulation Services

At Anderson Insulation of Maine, we understand that every insulation project is unique. This means that each situation will require a different approach, and we can help you find what that approach is.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass is one of the more common types of insulation. It is primarily made of glass, and should only be handled by professionals. This flexible fiberglass insulation is cost-effective, and resistant to fire and mold. Fiberglass batt insulation is best for new construction projects or renovations. Contact our team today to get started with your home insulation project. 

Cellulose Insulation

For older homes lacking any insulation, cellulose is a great option as it can be blown-in from either the inside or the outside. In New England, this may be one of the most popular options, as it is both eco-friendly and doesn’t require extreme renovations. It consists of wood fiber and newspaper recycling, but is still fire resistant due to the borate coating.

Spray Foam Insulation

Closed-cell and open-cell spray foam is a great insulation material that has one of the highest R-values. With expanding properties after application, there are plenty of options for you to find what is right for your home. Anderson Insulation of Maine is the largest fleet of spray foam-dedicated trucks in the Northeast, and is your regional spray foam powerhouse.

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As certified energy experts, we’re happy to provide customers with an outstanding combination of energy expertise and assurance. For more information about our insulation services and how we can help your Rochester,NH residential and commercial properties, please reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 207-653-0331 or through our online contact form.

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