Insulation Contractors in Hampton, NH

At Anderson Insulation of Maine, we are glad to provide residents of Hampton, NH with our top-of-the-line insulation services. Hampton is a popular coastal New Hampshire town located in Rockingham County near the border of Massachusetts. The town has a population of about 10,000 residents spread throughout the coastal streets. Home to popular tourism destination Hampton Beach, residents enjoy living right next to the ocean. That also means that storms can be rough, so residents need high-quality insulation. Contact us today to learn more about the insulation products and services we offer in Hampton, NH.

Spray Foam Insulation Contractor in Hampton, NH

At Anderson Insulation of Maine, we’ve got the largest fleet of spray foam insulation trucks. That makes us the best around, and the best to get the job done quickly. We have been installing this high-quality spray-foam material for years because of the high r-value that it offers. Spray foam offers an absolutely seamless air barrier because it expands overtime to cover an entire area. It’s sprayed into walls, attics, and more, so it can reach areas that are normally impossible. Our team works with Icynene because they’re a leading manufacturer offering two distinct styles of spray foam.

Fiberglass Insulation Contractor in Hampton, NH

Another of our top services at Anderson Insulation of Maine is fiberglass installation. Fiberglass is one of the most trusted and proven insulation solutions available for homeowners today. It’s been used throughout the last half-century but has improved vastly. Fiberglass is known for its cost-effectiveness along with the money it can help save. Modern fiberglass insulation solutions don’t settle or absorb moisture, which was a previous issue the past.

Today, fiberglass can be blown in but also comes in traditional batt form. When blown in, it can reach difficult places just like a spray foam can. Our team at Anderson Insulation of Maine partners with Owens Corning because their products are engineered to be the best. Contact us in Hampton, NH, or surrounding areas to learn more about fiberglass insulation today.

Cellulose Insulation Contractor in Hampton, NH

Our last and excellent insulation solution for homeowners in Hampton is cellulose insulation. It is created from recycled material from newspaper and wood fiber. We work with Nu-Wool’s cellulose insulation because it’s coated to be fire-resistant, pest-resistant & moisture resistant. It’s typically used in homes that are lacking proper insulation due to its quick and easy installation process. Cellulose is most commonly blown into areas that need it. The long fibers it is known for fit together creating an insulating barrier to protect your home. Contact us in Hampton to learn more about our cellulose insulation services.

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