Insulation Contractors in Bar Harbor, ME

Anderson Insulation of Maine proudly provides homeowners, business owners, and contractors in the Bar Harbor, ME, area with our insulation services. We have one of the largest fleets of spray foam trucks and provide many other insulation options to match your needs. If you are in the Bar Harbor area, it is important to have proper insulation; without it, you could be wasting money on heating and cooling that goes straight through the walls. Located in Downeast Maine, a bit of wind, especially in the winter, should always be expected. This wind can cause it to feel even colder than it is.

Spray Foam Insulation in Bar Harbor, ME

Anderson Insulation of Maine is a spray foam powerhouse. We work with closed-cell and open-cell spray foam options to bring you the best option for your home. Spray foam is a common insulation material that provides incredible thermal comfort, allowing your family to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is also resistant to mold growth and water damage, bringing you a stress-free option when owning any infrastructure. Lastly, it has the ability to fill irregular and hard-to-reach areas, making it perfect for homes that lack any insulation.

Fiberglass Insulation in Bar Harbor, ME

Did you know that most homes were built using interior insulation or even no insulation at all? Blown-in fiberglass insulation gives homeowners the chance to improve their comfort level while also saving on energy costs. At Anderson Insulation of ME, we offer fiberglass batt, the most common and available type of insulation in residential and commercial construction. Fiberglass is a type of flexible fiber, primarily made of glass, and it acts as a commercial thermal insulator. By trapping pockets of air, it slows the spread of heat and cold. Fiberglass insulation is easy to use find and doesn’t settle over time, making it a long-lasting option.

Cellulose Blown-In Insulation in Bar Harbor, ME

Cellulose Blown-In insulation is one of the most commonly used and seen across New England. This insulation is made of recycled materials and is fire-resistant because it is coated in borate. Anderson Insulation of Maine uses cellulose Nu-Wool® insulation. This insulation material is ideal for homes without insulation to save homeowners and companies money for heating and cooling costs. Decades later, we still find homes with little to no insulation. Cellulose is a key way to insulate a home without extensive renovations. It can be blown in from either the inside or outside.

Work with Anderson Insulation of ME

At Anderson Insulation of Maine, we offer the highest quality product and handle it with utmost care. Our craftsmanship makes us a leader in the community, as our top priority is ensuring the client is happy with the end product. If you are interested in our services, including spray foam, cellulose, and fiberglass insulation installation, contact us today or call us at 207-653-0331 for more information.

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