Insulation Contractor in Hampton, NH

Insulation Contractors in Hampton, NH

Spray Foam Insulation in Attic of HomeAt Anderson Insulation of Maine, our team is proud to serve the town of Hampton with our residential and commercial insulation services. Hampton is a hugely popular beach and summertime destination for beachgoers all around New England. The town is located in Rockingham County, conveniently accessible via interstates and highways.

Hampton is home to about 11,000 people but also has many rental properties and a fair share of tourism in the summer months. Homes on the coast are subject to some tough weather, Hampton homes are no exception. They need to be well insulated to keep the rest of the home in good condition. Contact us today for your insulation needs in Hampton today.

Spray Foam Insulation Services in Hampton, NH

At Anderson Insulation of Maine, we’re the leading spray foam insulation contractors in New England. Spray foam is an insulating material that is able to fit compact spaces without allowing a barrier that air can pass through. We work with two kinds of spray foam, closed-cell, and open-cell. Closed-cell is the option that provides structural integrity and extreme insulation, while open-cell allows for some breathability where it’s needed. Icynene is the leading supplier of spray foam insulation and the brand that we trust for our installations. We’ve got the largest fleet of spray foam trucks in New England. Contact our team today to learn more about spray foam insulation.

Fiberglass Insulation Services in Hampton, NH

Another popular material for insulating homes is fiberglass. It’s a good choice for homes in Hampton and a material that most homeowners are familiar with. It’s a non-combustible, non-flammable material that doesn’t settle over time. Fiberglass maintains it’s r-value for a long period of time. Our team at Anderson Insulation works with Owens Corning because it is a superior product. It can be blown in or come in traditional batt form. It helps improve the energy efficiency of your home without any smell or chemicals. Contact us today to get started with a fiberglass insulation installation in Hampton.

Cellulose Insulation in Hampton, NH

Cellulose insulation is made up of wood fiber and newspaper waste that is all-natural yet coated to be fire-resistant. It does a great job of insulating your home both in the summer and in the winter. It’s always blown in so it can be used in all sorts of applications, from new construction to existing projects and more. Cellulose’s natural composition makes it non-corrosive, so it won’t wear down your home’s structure and framing. Reach out to us today to learn more about cellulose insulation.

Contact our team at Anderson Insulation of Maine today to insulate your home or business in Hampton. It’s a game-changer that will lower your energy bills in all seasons. Whether it’s your summer home or full-time home, you’d be surprised how much more comfortable your home is when it’s well insulated. 

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